iUSMLE: Interactive timed practice for Step 2 CS Exam
  • Free registration and 3 timed PN templates ("SimNotes")
  • Premium access to 50 Blank Timed PN templates (SimNotes) with audio cues
  • 24x7 access to your submitted notes
  • 12 Mini-cases with conceptual explanations
  • Typing speed assessment with sample PN
  • iUSMLE subscription


    • 3 Blank Timed Patient Notes
    • 2 Full Length Cases
    • Unlimited Typing Speed Assessment
    • Mini-Cases
    • Voice Recording
    Please refer to the official USMLE website for more information on Applying for the Test, Scheduling Your Test Date and up-to-date test information.
    Latest News
    Sept 1, 2013

    Free Mini-Case Videos Added

    Aug 17, 2013

    iUSMLE will undergo substantial reorganization in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!